Alignment & Adjustment 50hr Teacher Training

October 4 - 9, 2019 with Rich Logan
This October we are super exited to be hosting Rich Logan from the US for a 50hr Teacher Training on Alignment and Adjustment with an emphasis on Practical Anatomy and Dharma talks.
"Develop deeper skills related to touch and how to see the structure within to make wise choices for your students needs. All too often teachers are trying to force bodies into postures instead of guide people to better breath and mindfulness. 
How do you adjust to get someone to breathe deeper, to connect further, to dive deeper into a pose? We will explore bone energy and get some glimpses of the spiritual nature behind the physical representations. Be prepared to change through surrender." Rich
For all those teachers out there wanting to learn more about how to use anatomy and physiology effectively in your classes. How to help your students, how to adjust them according to their body structure and their needs. And how to do all of this without loosing the real purpose of yoga: spirituality and a deeper connection. 
The course is taking place at Sapana Yoga Studio & Health Centre Friday 4th of October to Wednesday 9th of October every day from 9am to 6pm with 1 hour lunch break in between. 
Price is 600 US Dollar (about 535 Euro)
Feel free to contact us for more details or housing options:
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