We offer different kinds of classes. All classes are generally accessible for beginners. If not stated otherwise classes last 75 minutes and all the necessary material will be provided. Classes can be held in Spanish, English and German.

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a mixture of traditional yoga and traditional chinese medicine. The postures are mostly seated or lying down and in holding them for a long time, letting go of blockages and tensions in our fascia/connective tissue. We start to acknowledge the feelings our body houses, accept them and breath through them. This way we start to release blockages and old rigid ways of thinking or feeling and not only does our body but also our mind become more flexible. 

Hatha & Yin Yoga

Hatha & Yin Yoga is a mixture of Yin, the softer, gentler and more static practice and Yang, the powerful, dynamic practice. We will start with more flowy, dynamic and strengthening movements, gently unwinding from the day and then end on the mat with Yin poses to get into deep relaxation for the night.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga combines the effects of exercises of the body, the so-called asanas, with meditation and pranayama, the breathing exercises. The Ha stands for the power of the sun, the syllable tha for the calm energy of the moon. Two parts of a whole, two opposites. In Hatha Yoga we seek to restore the natural balance. Through the Hatha Yoga practice you become familiar with your body again and develop mental and physical strength and focus, balance and flexibility improve, stress is reduced, you get more inner peace and gain energy for everyday life.

Therapeutic Yoga

The therapeutic yoga classes are directed to an elder public or to people with mobility problems or injuries. In this class we will focus on mobilizing the joints, bringing more mobility to the body in general, strengthen important muscle groups softly, taking care of the spine and working with the fascia to find release and let the body restore itself.


Drop-in class: 10,00 €

1 month (4 classes): 32,00€

1 month (8 classes): 55,00€ 

Private Yoga Class: Starting at 50,00€ (1-2 Persons)

Private Yoga Classes

There are no classes scheduled at Sapana Yoga Studio for the time you would like to take a class? Or you would like to have a personal class at your Finca? Or at the beach? 

I offer private Yoga Classes starting at 50,00 Euros for a 1-hour-class for 1-2 persons. You can choose which yoga style you would like, if you would like to focus on certain areas of the body and if you would like to include breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Every class includes the usage of all the material (mats, blocs, cushions, straps) so you don't have to worry about bringing anything. Feel free to contact me for further inquiries or a personalized offer.

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